A Final Word On Gouty Arthritis

The gout in my left foot is still evident and woke me from a sound sleep again...but it may be subsiding on my diet of NSAIDs and Second City gaffaws. The above link shows even more factors that are implicated in gout. Although I don't eat a ton of red meat (in fact, very little), I did enjoy shrimp kabob at Red Lobster this week--a minor factor in this major flare. Interestingly, it's not only the beer that hastened my episode, but two new additions to my "diet": low dose daily 81 mg aspirin and niacin. I added a low dose aspirin as part of my plan to live forever about two months ago. I added niacin tablets about two weeks ago! Known to possibly prevent heart disease, I thought "what the heck". Well, "the heck"! Combination of low dose aspirin, newly taking OTC naicin, a couple of shrimp earlier this week, and a few beers on vacation, and boom, my foot looks like a hacky-sack. Each of the factors added to my risk, and the sum can be painful. Immediately, I will flush the baby aspirin and the niacin. I enjoy shrimp rarely. I avoid red meat in general. So, that leaves my one vice as beer, and only on vacation.

I'll keep the beer.

For anyone wanting information about gout, the professional videos in the link above are very infomative.

That's the story, boys and girls. I will not post more about gout here as there are plenty of websites about it. Let's just say that I'm still in anguish over here, but will, prayerfully, be over this sometime in the near future. Signed, the Gimp.

P.S. By looking at these photos, you'd think I have a thing for blue dresses. I don't.


Jasen said...

My wife swears by a product named "Uricinex". She's gone from having week long bouts several times a year to maybe one a year - especially around the holidays when her diet changes a bunch.

Jasen said...

Oh, the doctor wanted to put her on pills for the rest of her life, too. She decided to go with Uricinex instead. Just saying she REALLY has/had gout and these Uricinex pills have made her life much better.

Coolkayaker1 said...

Jasen: thanks for the tip here and on Pnet. I'll check into it upon your recommendation.


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