And The Oscar Goes To -- Black Swan, Natalie Portman.

I had the pleasure to see Black Swan, True Grit, Winter's Bone (horrible movie) and The King's Speech. Stunning assortment of fabulous cinema. But the Oscar goes to Black Swan. Impeccable. A classic and a masterpiece. Three thumbs up.


Future Mainstream Celebrities Leap Out Of The Internet

With a $100 video camera and a set of kahones, anyone can launch a career these days.

Ladies and gentleman, meet the new Eddie Murphy!



Gerry Rafferty is God

Many one hit wonders fall away as novelty acts. But every once in a while an unsung artist--a musician that is as good or better than others in their genre of music--goes barely heard. Gerry Rafferty was such a musician. With a voice like a prophet, he sings of large themes, life themes, and every song shines hope and meaning as if a beacon of joy. So much more than Baker Street and Right Down The Line, Mr. Gerry Rafferty.

It's a shame that he had to pass away for me to play his catalogue of songs, and to discover a dusty attic trunk full of songs that will have meaning for my life from this day forward.


Black Swan: A Masterpiece.

I have not seen a modern movie that made such a distinct impact on me as Aronofsky's Black Swan. Nina Sayers is the quintessential Black Swan. Portman is a shoe-in for Best Actress. Superb in every way. The trailer does it little justice. Brava!

Cabin Fever Sets In, Natives Restless.


"Alright, Mr. DeMille. I'm ready for my close-up."--Norma Desmond

I watched the AFI Top 100 movie #12 Sunset Boulevard a couple weeks ago, and it's still playing over in my mind.  The egomaniacal Norma Desmond.  Joe, the down and out writer.  Max, the servant (with a twist!).  And 22-year old Betty, the wholesome young studio "reader".  A fascinating film, that even Cathy gave an "A" rating.  The quintessential role for Gloria Swanson, coming in the twilight of her career on the big screen.  A gem.


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