Selling Whitewater fun!

Dagger RPM on eBay now, love the boat, but admittedly, no whitewater in central Illinois. 20 watchers, and some guy in Kentucky is wetting his pants over this cottonball pictured thing. Go figure ! I hit the Fox with Bruce this weekend.
Sold! Enjoy, Doug in west central IL!


The Water Beyond My House Beckons...

like a mysterious siren. It pulls me away from chores and into the blue and white vessel with orange paddle to whirl in the small pond. Dancing ripples in the wind, on the far side of the pond they push me, where my rake and shovel and lawnmower appear small in the distance. The geese join me for some time in the pond.


Geneva Dam

Looking north, an interesting view from Kathy on

Cuisinart Egg Cooker

This thing makes wonderful eggs. Hard-boiled, like me. I had two eggs cooked in it today. With sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I advocated this device on a paddling website in 2007. It created a sensation and plenty of backlash from the pot and boiling water crowd. I really took it on the chin. But I still use the egg cooker.

A classic--watch the yellow boat on the right.

Clinton Lake, Illinois.

You know it's boating season when the docks, campgrounds and beaches of 5000 acre Clinton Lake starts ramping up for the season. This weekend, beyond a chores list as long as my arm, I am going to take my father and son to Clinton Lake to paddle kayaks. I plan to slow-cook a pork meal for late afternoon, and work up the appetite to go along with it from paddling the big waters at the lake.


Ikea Expedit Bookcase x 6 now separates my vestibule

A winner that I look forward to showing David and Alexia. We finally have the place all cleaned and picked up--no more tools all over the floor. Just as you mentioned, Alexia, the lime green walls are not as offensive now that we have swag all over the place. I may paint some accent areas myself, but for now, looking very good. Will show you when you return from Italy.

Geneva Kayak Opens Chicago Location.

Now we can paddle the Geneva Dam or on Lake Michigan with Geneva Kayak Center. Congratulations and good luck with the new store, Ryan.

The View of 100 River North Condos from Sanfratello's Window

The best thing I have bought since the Amazon Kindle is....

Sectional Three Piece Take-apart Sea Kayak

Sorry, I had to do that to get the new blog on the search engines. Sectional kayak. Sectional Valley take-apart three piece 3-piece kayak.


Paddling Nordkapp in early 2008 in La Jolla, CA

With friend Tsunamichuck, who is, underwater and mid-roll for this photo in his Feathercraft Khatsalano. This is one of my best days on the water ever. I enjoyed it immensely.


Sectional Sea Kayak

This is Roy, --aka. fadedred's --sectional Valley Nordkapp HM. I am securing a second sectional kayak this weekend. I think sectional sea kayaks are wonderful, and when they come down in price and weight, will be the future of sea kayaking. To this end, and to spread information about sectional sea kayaks (there is a true paucity of information online), I have started It'll take some time to post the pictures, tips, articles and paddling profiles of those few of us that own them, but I hope it will serve as a simple online resource for these boutique boats.


Open water on the Fox River north of St Charles.

This is the view, both upstream and downstream from the walking bridge just north of St Charles, IL. Although the Geneva to St. Charles run is approximately 1.6 miles one way, this open stretch seems to have less current, wider paddling, and plenty to see until one gets to South Elgin. I am looking forward to putting in right at the parking lot near this area, public and with great access, and paddling north.


Ever feel like your world is crumbling down around you?

My "To Do" list is longer than a roll of White House toilet paper, and I have broken it out into home outdoors, paperwork and indoors, and even a chore list related to my hobbies of writing and kayaking. Is there any room for more? Stephen Covey says: make a list of your roles in life (father, writer, et cetera), list and schedule the big things you wish to accomplish in each role, then place the mundame "to do" items in between--sort of like small rocks going in around the big rocks first.
Every once in a while, the small rocks win out.


Got my room divider shelves at Ikea today!

After a plateful of Swedish meatballs, that is! Thanks for help from parents and son.


The Blue Goose

Spent Easter Weekend with Folks in Geneva, IL

What better for Easter feast than a hot diggity dog at Portillo's. Even if that man in the loft does seem to be staring at me.

Anyone up for a boat ride on the Fox River?

Paddlewheeler, that is.

A Second Street St.Charles Shop

Lovely views abound as one walks the foothills of the Fx River Valley, like this knick knack shop on Second Street in St. Charles, Illinois. The Fox River in the background, this has hints of a time decades ago, when life was a simple pleasure unto itself.


You stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks!

Betsie Bay Greenland Paddle

I'm selling my recently purchased Betsie Bay Greenlander paddle on eBay starting tonight. Sometimes you simply buy something that, for reasons unexplanable, just doesn't feel right. Immediately out of the box, this paddle seemed unfit for me. It is a gem, and I believe would be best for someone over 5 feet 11 inches tall. Technically, the length is right., and it is without any flaws at all. The hand span/ blade span is slightly broad for my hands, and that may be a factor. The workmanship is impeccable, and the paddle itself--hand made in Frankfort, MI--is a work of art. Someone will get a bargain on it on eBay. I will stay with my other GPs for now.


Early Morning Tomorrow: Honey Trip

Tomorrow my wife takes her trip with two great fellows--the sons--to sunny south Florida. If I was an early bird, I would crack a couple eggs in the skillet just as the sun begins to shine into the kitchen window. A hearty breakfast makes for good traveling. Lucky for me, I'm the only one that likes eggs. So I will sleep in.

The Dam in Geneva Illinois

Photo by thomasslythe's


The Mill Park in Geneva, IL

A sunny day, bright park, interesting features with the Fox River. This sculpture sits on the site of the former Bennett Milling Company, which burned down in the 1970's. I think it was in operation for nearly 100 years on this site - or at least the building stood here about that long. These scraps of machinery were all salvaged from the building after the fire. (thanks, Kelly)


Thanks for Kayaking Vid, Bohemia

Interesting rock gardening shot. Would have liked to see the aftermath of the shooting through the tube. Scrape city. Thanks, my Monterey paddling friend.

PS I can use your name on my blog, just not yours. : - P

Slipknot Springfield May 2009

Looking forward to it, a great weeknight concert with my son and his friend. For the third time in a year, will see the bombastic Slipknot. A big sound, intense percussion. Or as my guitar-playing son says, "They're Brutal!" Indeed.


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