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Fully edited and compiled video game youtube with almost 10k views from a young man that lives in my house.  LOL


Kiwaya Master Tenor Koa Ukulele

This is my prize ukulele. It's from Elderly Music in Michigan, and is an uncommon Kiwaya tenor size. It's the master series, all Hawaiian koa model, styled after the vintage Martin 3 ukulele, with fretboard center inlay and "moustache" in iveroid at the base. It has a koa saddle bridge and ebony fretboard. It weighs only 17 ounces, so it's light and resonant. This ukulele is uncommon, because the Kiwaya company, established in 1916 in Japan, now only makes, as stock, the soprano and concert sizes. All tenors are custom. I was lucky to find this one after it was made for the 2011 NAMM Show in California for the Kiwaya display. All master series are order only, and the tenor is an uncommon order. This ukulele, and all that are master series, are made by the luthiers in Japan. It sounds lovely, currently with flourocarbon Worth Clear strings. It has less volume than, for instance, a KoAloha, but the intonation is perfect. I mean, ideal. And the low action and meticulous build are typical of hand made Japanese instruments. I cannot compliment the look and build of this instrument enough. The Gotoh Japanese friction tuners hold tune well (better than I imagined, especially with the high tension tenor strings), and are pretty. They are out of the way for fretting and have a traditional look--I'm a huge fanatic for quality friction tuners. I may well try this ukulele with Ko Olau Gold nylon strings which, although might reduce the volume another decibel, will sound sensual and mellow and cut into my fingers less with extensive play compared to the Worths. The beauty of any ukulele is tweaking to your personal taste. If anyone googles this and has a question about this fine instrument, which is pricey but less than a high end Kamaka, Mya-Moe or most custom ukuleles, ask in comments. Happy strumming.


Bruddah Iz

Amazingly calm voice for a big man.  Classic Hawaiian tune.  Makes me feel good.


Ernest Hemingway, at his standing writing desk on the second story veranda of his Key West home.  I guess the six-toed cats weren't the only wonky things at his house.  Ernest, old chap, it's okay to have a chair.


I Stumbled Upon A Lonely House

A stroll in the woods reveals a camp in a dell,
All porch and shadow,
A stone wall and well.
Who could live in it out here?
Perhaps a private fellow.

I think to head down and knock,
But it looks like he'd rather be alone.
A seminal home for those that want alone,
I pondered and scratched.
Then I continued on solo and left the home
As I found it.  Alone.

-- by Steve Wayne, 2011


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