Petey's in Rye

Never been there.  Yet can't wait to go.


American Beauty

The Dam Pub on the Fox River, Geneva, IL

This fun pub is one block from our condo and hosts a riotous Swedish Days of Geneva rock and roll party in the side parking lot.  Never went--no need to.  I can enjoy it all from my deck!


Secret View

During my walk south from Geneva toward Batavia, I saw this opening in the trees. I can see the railroad bridge, and the cement monument on the Fox River through the trees. It makes me think about views, and the things we can see if we stop and look carefully. A whole scene unto itself through the arms of the trees.


KoAloha Soprano Koa

The first "fancy" ukulele that I ever owned, made in the super Okami owned KoAloha shop on Oahu.


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