Hula Kiddo

Actually, this is the video I intended to post for gorgeous dancing.  So mature, the way she moves in her kitchen.  Shows cultural differences from our fiftieth state, Hawaii.  Try getting any kid from Chicago to do this dance.  (blank stares).

Gorgeous dancing.


Gorgeous Dancing From A Cute Kid

The way she moves is smooth as butter.  Makes me want to go back to the warm isles.


Jake Is Incredible.

I really want my ukulele family, Alex and Mark, to see this video by Jake. The intro amazing, and then it suddenly goes into a lovely song.  This "Let's Dance" tune is from the finest ukulele players in the entire world, at his very finest.  Let's dance, indeed!!


RIP Mitch

When my son and I first set eyes on Mitch Lucker and Suicide Silence, it was the single best band of Mayhem Fest 1.  We stood three rows back from the stage when the band came out with bravado.  Then, this skinny lead singer, stomping his feet and banging his head, came to stage front and just started to wail.  We just looked at one another, having never seen anything like it in our lives.  This guy stood on a box and screamed his lungs out.  He banged his head and threw his arms out and looked up at the sky and yelled at the top of his lungs.  It was spine-tingling.  It was the new metal, alive and in our faces.

My son and I have seen Suicide Silence at least three times since then (he saw them four, I think). We met the band, and my son has an autgraphed t-shirt by the whole band hanging in his room. Each time, the band gives 100%.  Each time, amazing that a human being can scream for so long, and so loud.

Mitch died on a motorcycle on Halloween night.  R.I.P Mitch.  You took it to a new level for us.


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