Marlon Brando's Academy Award Rejection: Wow Video!

Marlon really stuck it to the Man when he rejected his Oscar through an Indian Squaw.  See video above.  Classic!


The Fat Of The Land Prodigy

Monster, and I mean goulish. blood-dripping monster dance hit!


Amazing The Prodigy

From their iconic 90s album, The Fat Of The Land.  Always named as a top LP of that decade.  Tomorrow, another smash hit from that album.


Tinny At Minibull Designs

Love his youtube channel.  Watch it daily.  Don;t know why, I just like it.  I think it's his independent spirit, New Englander, and fine product.  Click here for his videos.


My KoAloha Soprano

I adore this Hawaiian made, all koa wood ukulele. I play it every couple of days, and enjoy each moment.


It's that time of the year.  Break out the hammocks and the tarps.


MCA Adam Yauch Beastie Boys

When my own peer succumbs to cancer and dies, I know I am in the last half of my life.  Peace, Adam.  To you, I pass the mic.


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