Second City Touring Group Rocks The Noble Theater

After spending three hours in a nearby bookstore's chair while Cathy commisurated down the street with her high school friend over crab cakes and clam chowder at Hugo's Frog Bar in Naperville, I was deserving of some levity. And side-splitting laughter I got. At the Noble Fool Theater, St. Charles, IL, located at Pheasant Run, a sellout crowd was treated to 1.5 hours of absolutely outlandish skits. About 80% rehearsed and 20% improv, this team had everyone rolling in the aisles tonight. Young, hip, quirky and irreverent, this is the second year in a row that we ventured out to Second City's Dysfunctional Holiday Review. Three men, two women, and three lonely stage chairs = absolute charm. Fast paced and lively. Highly recommended skit comedy.

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