White House

Japanese Lilac Trees

Three Japanese lilac trees blooming fragrantly in early June annually for a five day peak burst of white. Taken with Canon Elph. :-)

At 94, Raymond Is Still Addicted To Love!


Vintage Wendall Hall Red Head Soprano Ukulele

Wendall Hall "Red Head" Signature soprano made by Regal Ukulele, circa 1930. I installed new friction tuners after a gentle reaming of the wooden peg holes. That is flamed Cuban mahogany. It sounds delicious and I picked it up for a song on eBay. Score!! Thanks to my buddy, Steve, for the tuners.


The Gentlemen

From Top to Bottom:: Spyderco Sage 2 Titanium/// Kershaw Cryo/// Spyderco Ambitious/// Spyderco Dragonfly/// Which do I like best? Sage 2 or Dragonfly.

The Beasts

From Top to Bottom (first photo):: Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0200 Tactical Response/// Spyderco Military Titanium w/ Reeves Framelock/// Spyderco Paramilitary 2/// Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0350 Speedsafe Assist/// In photos 2 and 3, I put the Kershaws on top, and the Spydercos on the bottom. Which is the best? I adore them all equally!

The Family


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