Building the Kayak Trailer

This is my kayak trailer during it's construction in Kentucky in early 2008. I adore this trailer. It's everything I ever wanted in a kayak trailer, and one of these days I am going to a remote place to kayak, throw a tarp over the rails, blow up mattress in the bed, and sleep under the stars along the sea.


Receptions on the Fox River

Here's where we had the Elburn Wildlife Fundraiser a few weeks back, and now I can go outside and see it on the Fox. Inside, because it was dark, all I could see was the fast-moving murk that was the February Fox. Here, outdoors, I can take it all in. Hard to photogra[h as it is "around the corner" and if I hang out any further I will be like that basketball, forever stuck in the dam (hence the Danger sign), for now, I will settle for this backstage view.


No major snow at County Park by my house.

This and the kayak below are "file footage" of when we did have snow. Very little now at all--not even as much as in this photograph. Blustery, however.


Whimsical oil above my mantle.

I use a flash, bleached out. I turn off flash, orange. I can't win.


Signs of springtime: Daffodils, Crocuses, Margaritas

Packing a few bottles of the premixed Cuervo for the trip north, the bottles glimmered in my kitchen. So, I snapped a shot. A sure sign of springtime. Maybe I'll get a picture of those daffodils in my yard if I get truly motivated. But for now, the yellow and red bottles will do. Cheers!

And the Hallway Big Wall.

I like enjoy this oversized fake painting thing; particularly fun now that I have gotten over my fear of banging nails into the wall. Gotta run now though...Dog The Bounty Hunter is on.
P.S. Like your new blog, Homokayakus, my California coastal friend Bohemia. Kudos, bra.

Sunflower Kitchen

Hanging artwork in various rooms of the condo makes for a "big" feel. Big bold prints. Home Goods, Randall Road. This sunflower print hangs from the kitchen wall.


Steaks on the Grill on Bennett Street

This pretty much summarizes it... grilled steak, tasty fennel salad, heaping pasta and warm company. Followed by cozy time on the new couch, Meijer's tiramisu, with the lovely warbling of James 007 Bond. Thanks a million for a lovely evening, Mike and Vic.!

Ikea Bags for BrazilBrasil

Yo, my dearest paddler Brazilbrasil.... if you still want the venerable Ikea bags--those of your recent post on paddling.net, I would be more than pleased to secure and ship to your South Carolina doorstep. I will be there this weekend, my paddling brother. Email me.

Chicks N Salsa, then Glen Ellyn Downtown

Spent a gorgeous springtime Sunday walking casually in Glen Ellyn with Cathy, Jay and Alexia. We missed you, Dave. When you return to the States, we'll have to show you the pictures. What fine company, full of laughs and good times. All this on a bellyful of burritos. Thanks for swinging through Saint Charles; we'll hit the Stone House again when the owners decided they want to do business. Kidding.

Geneva History Center Pub Crawl

This lovely image of State Street in Geneva, IL by Mr. Larson shows the backdrop for the Saturday night pub crawl, a benefit for the Geneva History Center. Cathy and I appreciate the tickets from Mike and Victoria. Eating meatballs and shrimp at Chris Cellini's Old Town Pub while listening to children' writer Donna Latham tell us about the giant martini glass, listening to jazz upstairs at Villa Verone and drinking Dumaine Dupage beer were all highlights. But the granddaddy highlight was meeting Kelly from http://www.genevadailyphoto.blogspot.com at Citizen Kane. A superb photographer, Kelly is fun and kind; it was thrilling to meet you! We'll definitely have to meet for tea sometime soon. Fun!

Hey, Mike and Vic. You are special. You know what I mean. We're like this. Say no more.

Town House Books

I browsed Town House Books in St Charles on Saturday, and returned with Cathy, Alexia and Jay on Sunday. What a perfect day for bookhunting. I bought Eudora Welty's On Writing book, which looks like a 106-page scream! For writers, that is.

The rustic backs of buildings in St Charles

See, I can take an artsy photo when I want to. I just usually don't want to, that's all.


The Cottage Stamper

Saturday, Cathy made a winning "explosion" photo album at her favorite scrapbooking store in the universe: The Cottage Stamper on Third Street in St. Charles. I walked around the town for three hours, and took in th sights and snapped a few photos.

Za Za's Trattoria St. Charles

Unassuming from the outside, Za Za's was delicious, warm and cozy on the inside. This past Friday, Cathy and I enjoyed a superb meal with friends Alexia and Dave. I almost said "new friends", but you know, at some point, new friends feel like old friends. Like a well-fitting pair of comfortable slippers. I cannot express in words how wonderful all of our time has been with Alexia and Dave. Sharing stories about our past and current lives shows a comfort level that is second to none. It's like opening a tiny toy box in the attic. Full of ghosts of our past, each with its own story to tell. Old tales to those who know us, but new interest to those newly invited to our cubby.

Dave and Alexia. Our dear new friends.

The basketball is still bouncing in the Geneva Hydraulic


Kayaking Season 2009 starts April 4

The brand new Smiley's all ready and waiting. First organized paddle on April 4, Saturday. I shall post it on www.paddling.net
How do I feel about boating? Like this guy does about Slayer!
Join me at Slayer July 25?


Sunday Dinner on Me!

Got the slow cooker (a.k.a. Crock Pot) going, and trying my hand at a generous 4 lb. pot roast with potatoes and carrots purring away since 8AM this morning. Lord only knows, I can't cook. But I saw an online article on slow cooking, and thought--what the hey! Add in some delicious Hawaiian Rolls, and we got ourselves a feast.


Geneva Transplant Now Anorexic & Preggers in LA


Click her "A Blog"

Cortney, I wish you and your husband the very best with your first boy.

I only need HGTV, Bravo, Discovery and TLC

I mean, seriously. Tuedays its Housewives of Orange County (Jeanna's son plays for the Kane County Cougars). Thursdays its Millionaire Matchmaker with smart-mouth Patti (above). Throw in a half dozen episodes of HGTV's Househunters on the other nights, a Dog The Bounty Hunter marathon on Saturday afternoon, and if I'm really randy, a couple episodes of the midget family show Little People Big World: there you have a fun and educational week of cable TV. Grab a box of Ring Dings and a Diet Dr. Pepper, climb under the electric blankie, and its "Da plane! Da Plane! Welcome...to Fantasy Island."-type good times.


Mickey D's Yorkville, IL

I stopped in the McDonald's on the south side of Yorkville, IL the other afternoon, and saw this airplane prop mounted above the cash registers. It was wooden and old looking. It was well mounted and I never feared that it would fall on my head, although I confess to giving it a once-over when I stepped under it to pay. On Yahoo today, healthiest fast food places listed by the "Eat This, Not That" guys, and McDonald's was near the very top! Best: Subway and Chik-A-Fila!

I ordered a #2, by the way. Gotta run, time for Housewives of Orange County on Bravo.

And this creep, too, was on my camera. Spooky.

Could these guys be from another dimension? Twilight Zone? Maybe my Sony takes pictures of dead people? Is this Fred from I Love Lucy?

Who's this fellow?

This must be the dude that owned the eBay camera before me. He looks dour. A used car salesman--miserable from the economic slowdown--is my guess. Note to self: up nose photographs are never flattering.


Taco Fresco when I don't feel so fresco.

I cannot thank Dave and Alexia enough for a wonderful meal on Friday, and meeting Sylva and Dennis was the absolute pinnacle of my weekend. Scrumptious food and superb stories makes for a fantastic time. You are truly the host and hostess with the mostest. I spent the rest of the weekend down with a head cold--started Thursday, peaked Sat and now Sunday. Chills, fever, cough, the works. Yours was my only outtrip of the entire weekend, except for a foray to Taco Fresco at Geneva Commons. The place sure looks nice enough, but the food was so-so, served without a smile or a good word. I have to show you Chicks N Salsa, in case you've not been, in Glen Ellyn by I-355. The best burrito I have ever had. Fresh and good. Cathy loves teh fish burrito. Anyhow, I even missed the kayak show. I thought all day I could go, but with mounting illness as Saturday went on, I couldn't do it and called it off. Darn!


Mystery Eagle

I bought my camera used on eBay. This picture was still in its memory. It's a neat photo of an eagle in a tree somewhere. There were other photos that were not as flattering. I shall post those next.


Geneva Dam in late winter

The Geneva dam is very interesting. It features a killer hydraulic. All those kayakers out there know what I'm speaking of. Absolutely "killer". Yorkville dam, for instance, has claimed 13 lives over the years. Has Gevena Dam yanked the toilet chain of life on any hapless boaters yet? I don't know. What I can tell you is, once stuck in a hydraulic, even the rescuers aren't able to get you out. Click this pic and see the basketball in the current. It will float there endlessly. It's probably still there as I write this post. Trees, logs, you name it, it's stuck in there. But good. Be careful, Kimosabes.


White Castle

My son and I were one of the first customers at White Castle in Hoffman Estates yesterday. Yes, the place was pristine blue and white and clean and ready to serve us hamburglers at 10:45AM. So, we went for it. Yumm.


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