My Story Begins...

I have set up my writer's office in our front living room, have all loaded onto the Toshiba, and armed with a strong idea, I am writing my novel.  It is being crafted first in a screenplay 120-page style, which will serve as my outline for the actual novel.  More on the subject matter later.



"Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have ... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases."

--Gerald Ford, August 12th, 1974 address to Congress


The Train Bridge, South River Street, Geneva, IL

A snapshot with the Canon EOS 7D taken on the path at the end of S. River Street in Geneva, IL.  The monochrome was added with Photoshop Elements 8.  Dark over light, the monochrome really is what "made" this otherwise fairly pedestrian photograph.


Saturday, May 15: Riverfront Park In Algonquin, North on Fox River 9:00AM Launch

Saturday, May 15, 2010.

Location: 201 North Harrison Street, Algonquin, IL.

Meet: approx. 0830AM.

Launch: approx 0900AM

Notice that the link above says "canoe launch".  This park is located just north of the Algonquin Dam (saving us a portage).  Plan to sea kayak with Bruce--all others welcome.  Paddle north along the glorious Fox River. Likely be on the water until middle afternoon.

The launch is also listed in madcubano's paddlaway website:

If weather is poor, rainy, we will likely cancel.  Anyone wishing to get updates should see Getting Together on Pnet.  Not responsible if you do not tell us you'll be coming and we fail to tell you if it's cancelled due to weather.

A fun day will be had by all!  I strongly recommend, as link does not seem to post properly, your seeing and clicking "maps", and Algonquin, IL, and see the park, access, parking area, using aerial and the wonderful "bird's eye" views to get a feel for where we'll meet.  Bruce and I would like to see other kayakers out there--join in if you wish!

Dirt BMX Trail 1 Cyclist 0


Ford Good. GM Bad.

The new Ford Interceptor.  I am lucky to have bought a fair size chunk of stock in Ford in early 2009, and have ridden it straight to the moon over the past year.  Don't we always wish we bet the moon when that happens--I did not.  But, alas, perhaps I will have enough to trade in my old vehicle plus some sheckles from stocks for a new Ford Interceptor.  Looks hot, and without question better than the products offered by Government Motors, Toyota ("Oh, what a feeling..."), etc.  A Ford...looking hot.  Who woulda thunk it.


So Long To Friends

We learned, just after a memorable 15 mile bicycle ride to North Aurora earlier this month, that our friends Mike and Victoria are moving. I was thunderstruck. You see, we have done many fun things--from drinking ale to riding bicycles to watching movies after fondue--with this exciting couple. They are engaging people who hop continents like stones across a river--always traveling, always exploring. New career opportunities have them leaving the Fox Valley very shortly for a new life 9 hours away in Tennessee.

I will always remember breaking bread with Mike and Vic at the Third Street Sunday Market. Beer at the Gazebo behind Mill Race Inn. The pub crawl 2009 and dancing upstairs at Villa Verone. Salute to you...and may our paths cross again in this great reflecting pool called Life.


Watched The Shining

I recently watched The Shining with my son. It's a basic story of human madness but, having not seen it for over 20 years, I can now appreciate the many sublayers to the story. It's a very complex and subtle tale, beneath the facade of family and winter and The Overlook Hotel. Of course, the scene that sticks out like a torch is this one, of a man in a dog costume (often coconfused as a bear costume) that is not in sync with any other part of the film. It is, I read online, described in the Stephen King masterwork, and thus included in the film, without the backstory of the book. In the film, then, it comes off as an unexplained strage scene, as you see below. A fine Kubrick film. Recommended.


Downtown Geneva, Illinois

I enjoyed a weekend in Geneva, my wife was ill, and I roamed the streets on both Saturday and Sunday at sunrise and snapped some shots with my new Canon camera.  It is very neat to see the city come to life, shadows of night falling across the sun dappled buildings.  I will be featuring Geneva, Illinois photos in posts upcoming this spring and summer.

Stones Keith Singing Happy

Your old stereo goes to volume 10. This song rocks at 11!


Goodfellas Shinebox

The painting from yesterday's post is from Goodfellas. It's the painting from Tommy's mother, that they see when they stop at her house for spaghetti. They remark that the man in the painting looks like someone they know--Billy Batts, who is "whacked" in the trunk of the car outside!

Watched Goodfellas with mancub a month ago--it is on my top ten best pictures list, without doubt.  Funny, brutal, very fast-paced, and thematic in its portrayal of the rise and fall of Henry Hill.  For anyone that knows the movie: salute!


Wishing You The Very Best, Guinness

I learned a couple months ago that my friend and fellow paddler, Guinness, will be shipping to Iraq in May 2010.

Here's his cool Vibe with an even cooler P&H Capella on top at the boat launch at Clinton Lake, IL--our favorite haunt.

I send my utmost respect, well-wishes and prayers to Guinness in Iraq. You will be home soon, to your loving family--and your circle of friends.

Good bless you, my friend.


Niche Restaurant Geneva, Illinois

This is a gatronomic favorite of our friends David and Alexia, and I have not eaten here yet even though it's right up the street. Shame on me. t's on my radar for places I'd enjoy trying in summer 2010. Bon appetit!


Under The Fabyan Windmill, Batavia, IL, April 2010

It rotates!  It really rotates!  The Fabyan WIndmill spun very quickly on a modest wind today.


Steel Beam Theater, St Charles, IL

A super enjoyable evening with Linda and Cathy for dinner, great laughs and shared stories, and then a British comedy at the Steel Beam Theater in St. Charles. We'll definitely be returning to the great Steel Beam, a true hidden gem. Thanks for the memories last night, ladies.

Schmidt, CEO Of Google, on Coach


Stones -- Bitch

Penn and Teller: Have Fun At The Show!

And don't forget to catch the shuttle bus at Harrah's!

I'm Mike Jones. Penn and Teller would like you to come up on stage and take a look at a box, and sign an envelope, that will be used in the big show tonight.


Malcolm McLaren

Youtube comments for the man that introduced me to opera.  Malcolm Maclaren, dead at 64.  RIP my dear Malcolm. 

Somewhere... I have stowed away a 17 minute version of Malcolm's Madame Butterfly -- on vinyl. It is haunting. Great memories. Thanks, Malcolm. 4 minutes ago DJSlo They just don't make emaciated models like they used to. R.I.P. Malcolm, a true pioneer. 12 minutes ago 7271952 thanks for everything malcom 13 minutes ago amaranth7777 RIP Malcolm :( 14 minutes ago william3231954 This is still one of my favorite songs to drift away with,, the  female singer is captivating 31 minutes ago spottydog4477 In todays world of 'no risk' and pure formula safe "Idol" music..he was a true original! 33 minutes ago anthonymerrill R.I.P Malcolm! You are a great music pioneer! 47 minutes ago planetjeffy I remember exactly where I was when I first heard this song

and I am smiling.

Thanks Malcolm 48


I'm a Michelle Phan Fan

I don't peruse the make-up artist videos on, but with nearly 24 million total views, Michelle Phan is fast becoming a household name.  She does some neat make-up videos, and I have selected a fun one for you today.  Check out her other vids.  She's happy, well-spoken, small of voice, and large of talent.  Word has it that Lancombe just signed her.  Michelle, my belle.


Life According to John Grisham

Barnes and Noble interview with author John Grisham:

"I closed my law office 13 years ago, and it was the happiest day of my life; I have not missed it for one moment. It's so much fun to write about lawyers, but I never enjoyed being a lawyer."

"I was so unhappy in that profession I would dream of ways to get out of it," he says. "I think that's just a memory I will take with me forever, because most of my characters -- most of my heroes or heroines -- are looking for a way out, or in the end they ride off into the sunset. Not always, but in 17 books it's happened almost all the time."

I can relate to John. 



Crowds scare me. They can make the hair on my head stand on end, like a defensive porcupine. I've a particular distaste for meaningless gatherings where I must make idle chit-chat with people I barely know. I'd rather be home trimming my toenails, eating a corn dog, or hand-picking lice from a guinea pig. Love time with friends. Fear time with strangers.

Thank you for reading my blog, where I work out all my boogeymen before I go to sleep at night.


Kitchen Table Light: Delicate But Functional

Please stop over and have a bowl of instant oats with me under this light and we can chat for hours about your life and what makes you tick.  What makes you sad.  And what makes you act like a wilderbeast sometimes. 


Penn and Teller

Well, I suppose you got that from my post this past week, my faithful readers, the boys loved thisa show at the Rio most of all.  It was dazzling! Penn Jillette and Teller (he legally has only one name).

Tripadvisor Review of Penn & Teller


Las Vegas: Beatles Love

On a recent jaunt to the city of sin, my family enjoyed five Vegas shows--all superb.  We saw magician Nathan Burton, who needs to work on his show.  So I suppose he was not so superb.  Comedy Magician Mac King, on the other hand, was billed as the best afternoon show in Vegas.  He was super funny!  We saw Blue Man Group which, like percussion in general, was lively but redundant.  And we saw the Beatles Love, which was a visual feast.  My wife enjoyed it most of all the great shows we saw.  It was superb.... but what did the two boys and I enjoy most?  Stay tuned tomorrow for the answer.

Stones Gimme Shelter -- Classic Rolling Stones Blues Riffs

The young Rolling Stones were, like their lips logo, irreverent, brash and timely. I appreciate their music now more than ever. The first albums were simple boogie groove rock, with a sinister twist. Not as dinosaur-stomping as Black Sabbath, and less mystical and overwrought than Led Zepplin, the Stones rocked harder than the Beatles. It's a matter of "da blews".


Stones Iconic Lips

This is an original 9.5" x 14” black and white photograph taken by photographer Ken Regan of the original John Pasche artwork for the Rolling Stones classic “Tongue and Lip Design” logo. This famous logo originally inspired by lead singer Mick Jagger’s mouth was first used on the band’s “Sticky Fingers” album in 1971.

The old Stones. Sloppy guitars; chest-puffing bravadours of groove rock. I will feature a Stones video each week during spring and summer 2010 to celebrate my rediscovery of this classic band, and my anticipated summer of fun with friends and family. No need to watch; turning it up and enjoy the sounds. Let's explore together.


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