And I'm Fondue You, Too!

After a lunch at ChicksNSalsa and popping into Archivers and a Replay CD store, we managed to have a spellbinding New Year's meal at Michael and Victoria's candlelit home with a smorgasbord fondue. Cheese, bread and vegetables, then cooking chicken, steak and shrimp in healthy broth, hours of conversation, jazz and drinks. This fondue thing is addictive. Now I'm off the hook for taking Cath to The Melting Pot fondue restaurant (Naperville and Schaumburg), at least for this week. Home before the ball dropped, appreciate that our friends bought all that gourmet food that very afternoon after flying in from Sarasota that morning. Salute!

I have no idea what this cartoon says, but it must have to do with stringy cheese.

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