Indonesian Feral Street Dog Photo on Wikipedia

A feral street dog photographed on the main road of the city of Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. This is a common sight as there are about a half a million feral dogs on the island and they get no care and subsist on the bits of rice in offerings and garbage. This animal is suffering from scabies (mange).

Superb Fall Foliage in Petersham MA


Table Tennis -- The Ultimate Point

My son and I have been playing a ton of ping-pong lately, and getting better. But this point from a major tourney, really shows how incredible this game can be. For what it's worth, our basement ceiling is low, so even though I could do most of these shots... who am I kidding? Enjoy.


The Matador Of The Ocean

I guest blogged on my friend Aimee's website, and she is undergoing a trying surgery now (details in her words on her website) and I penned an allegorical tale about a surfer for her. You can read it here. (click the word "here")

Get well soon, Aimee.


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