American Go Association

I've been wanting to learn this 4000 year old game for the past few years, and now will try with the SmartGo app ($2.99) for the iPod Touch that really is a lesson on the game, complete with interactive problems. It looks so very simple, yet is hideously complex. A lifetime to master. In this vein, I see that the Schaumburg Go Club meets Thursday evenings at Starbucks--perhaps I can SmartGo and Yahoo! Games mysefl to a level of proficiency that would permit me to attend and hold my own. I am seeking anyone I know to join in with me on the "ground level" in learning this wonderful game so that I will always have a comparable foil. American Go Association membership just took the place of my American Rose Society annual dues. Sorry, Olive and Eleanor and Bea and all the other fine ladies at the American Rose Society. There's only so many annual dues dollars to go around.

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