Son Met Suicide Silence!

My son was in Moline last night with friend Austin and they got to trade devil horns with the up-and-coming metal band Suicide Silence at a meet and greet--I got a text while he was anxiously in line. Suicide Silence's first album, The Cleansing, scored a #92 spot on the Billboard charts--extremely high for a metal band's debut. I got to see them from the side stage front row at Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem 2008, the tour from which this video (below)was recorded. Their second album came out two months ago, and rocketed up to #32 on Billboard! Not just the metal music charts--the main Billboard chart, right there next to Britney and Rhianna and Beyonce. Incessant touring, a youthful spirit and uplifting songs are sending them into the stratosphere. This video is "Unanswered", which shows the happy heavy metal spirit of an outdoor festival--feels like summer! Meet singer Mitch Lucker and Suicide Silence, just as Mark did last night. P.S. Don't even try to understand the lyrics. "Where is your God?"

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