I have found an author, Travis Thrasher, that lives less than ten miles south of me in N. Aurora, IL (home of Wayne and Garth), has written now twelve published books, and has his latest spooky novel set in Geneva, IL. I am excited as I begin this read and, four chapters in, this guy can write! I am fairly impressed. I have not been this impressed since I read Richard Powers of Urbana, IL who wrote The Echo Maker, which won the National Book Award Best Novel. I am in the midst of greatness. Reading about the Fox Valley certainly makes Ghostwriter, the novel, dear to me already. But a harsh critic, I am one to drop a book in mid-sentence if I find it trite, boring or sophomoric. So far so good on Thrasher's latest; I will give you the straight scoop as I develop an opinion. Soon, my friend Alexia will read it, too. Respect her opinion greatly.

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