Waimea Bay Part 1

Waimea Bay at the north shore of Oahu, HI. Truly paradise on earth. My wife introduced me to this slice of heaven in 2005, and it's now my favorite warm weather ocean beach. Huge rolling waves, in repeating lines like a wind-blown sailcloth, break violently against the sand. Of course, where there is a tsunami of surf, there are surfers; from Waimea to the Banzaii Pipeline just to the north, surfers abound. In 2005, while basking at the beach just after Christmas, we watched an artist set up her easel and begin to transform a large canvas into the lush Waimea vista, complete with signature church. Within an hour, the oil painting had taken shape, and I was so impressed with seeing an artist at work, that I snapped these two images. I never introduced myself to this woman and did not ask about her painting or background. She continued to paint as we packed and left for the day. My wife and I still spoke of her talent as we headed back to Ko Olina at the end of the morning. It was a glorious morning.

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