Seeing the 'Knot. Again.

Not for the faint of heart, my son and I are off to see Slipknot once again in a few weeks. We saw them at the Mayhem Festival in Chicago during August 2008, along with many other favorite bands like Suicide Silence, Disturbed, Black Tide and Machine Head. It's true to say, though, that none are as exciting onstage as the nine-member, Grammy winning Slipknot. The show is loud. This past summer we were about 27 rows from the stage. For the upcoming show we scored some pre-sale tickets and will be in the standing area immediately in front of the stage. The energey of all the young people is truly a beautiful thing.
Hope I come home with all my teeth.

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g said...

have a blast. Rock on!

I've worked in the music industry for so long, I never go to concerts unless I'm being paid to be there, but it sure is fun to be paid to be there!


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