Geneva Post Office

I stood in front of the post office building in Geneva on Saturday morning and there was a ton of purple spirited souls next door at the court house ready to see off the wonderful and proud Geneva Viking team. I parked in the lot and noticed how historic this Geneva Post Office building really appears. Old brick and mortar, with a strong presence. The postal service is undergoing a change, as the volume of mail has dropped off precipitously in the recent years. Last year, for the first time ever, more people filed Federal income taxes online than by mail. A sea of change is coming. It is unclear if the post service will exist--other than for package mail--a decade from now. And with the stealthy Fed Ex box right in front of the post office, packages will likely not even be there for the USPS in the future. The internet has changed our means of communication from "snail mail" to the more immediate e-mail. "Ship your holiday gifts from here," the sign pleads. And like four horsemen, the blue boxes are ready to eat your holiday cards and letters and regurgitate them at Aunt Millie and Uncle Sinbad's houses.

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Cool post office!


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