The Cottage Stamper

Yesterday, my wife took a two hour course at The Cottage Stamper on Third Street in St Charles. She simply loves this store. Heaven for a scrapbooker and card maker, and particularly at this time of the year there is much to learn about making those holiday cards. I'll admit, there is much, much more to the craft of cardmaking than meets the eye. My wife and her friends exchange cards and learn new techniques all the time. We have a whole room dedicated to just scrapbooking! But, who am I to speak...we have a whole garage dedicated to kayaking. While she was meeting new friends at The Cottage Stamper, I slinked on over to Green Mill Cyclery on Bennett Street in Geneva to buy a couple of simple 3-speed steeds for Christmas presents for she and I. Living in Kane County and not having bikes is like living at the North Pole and not having an igloo. That analogy hits a tad too close to home, as today was the first appreciable snowfall of this winter season.


Anonymous said...

Coolest cottage stamper I've ever witnessed!

Pam Warden Art said...

So nice to hear from you. I'm sure your wife would love Tim Holtz's blog. It's on my sidebar fav's list...where your's will be joining his momentarily.
Thanks for writing to me and leaving such fun comments on my blog :)
Go Vikings,


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