Laura Carson

Youtubin', found this absolutely precious voice! Aimee Mann, of course, is a major player in the alt soft rock genre...heck, I remember downing suds and watching 'Til Tuesday rocking it out at Jumpin' Jack Flash in the Fenway. Got her autograph on a nappy at 2AM one night at the Rathskellar in Kenmore Square when I was there for a Fleshtones show. Anyhoo, Aimee has a Freeway remake contest, and this young lady didn't win! I cannot understand it, because her absolutely stunning voice performed Freeway better than Ms. Mann... at least threefold. And tenfold better than others who have covered this tune.

I look forward to seeing 16-year old Laura Carson break out into the mainstream. Watch her sing "Zombie" (you'll know the tune when you hear it) in the sidebar. Go, Laura!


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