The Punt

Like a contrived piece of photographic posing, occasionally things come together without any anticipation. We were at Allerton Park, Monticello, IL last month enjoying an 80 degree day, and the rump of the Sunsinger begged to be photographed. My son punted the soccer ball at the opportune time to get in the picture. Almost looks digitally enhanced, but it is not; it's 30 feet up in the air next to the statue. And with a click, it's here in infamy for you to review (click on any photo to enlarge it).
If we plan, we get nothing. If we look for what the Universe throws--or in this case, punts--at us spontaneously, we get Art. -- coolkayaker1


Kelly said...

Fabulous timing! I like your new blog!

Bill Hester said...

Hey thats a great shot. Your thoughts on timing couldn't be more right. The more you force things..the less they come. Sit back and enjoy the trip, things will come your way in time.

Anonymous said...



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