Wall of Dreams

In the foyer of the Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, overhead, is this circle of electric guitars. Like a halo of metal strings and birdseye maple necks, the guitars ooze nostalgia. Imagine the wall of sound these instruments would make. My son is a budding guitar aficionado. He enjoys the act of playing, and after less than two years, he's got it going on. Heavy on the metal, but light of fingers, he truly rocks out on his Fender Jim Root (Slipknot) model with EMG pickups and Marshall amp.
Whenever you read about a singer,an actor, a politician, or a police officer...if you see their profile, you note that they had a sincere interest in something--a proclivity, if you will--from a very young age. Encouraging dreams, particularly in children, is of the utmost importance. They have their entire lives to be told, "Get a real job," and "Get a real degree." For now, someone has to grow up to be the next Eddie Van Halen or Dimebag Darryl. It might as well be him.

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