Peru, Illinois

Peru, Illinois, a memorable trip with a great group of sea kayakers. As the winter chills begin, it's time to rouse that nostalgic spirit and look to great times during sunnier climes. This trip was one of the most memorable, with the jumping carp and the Starved Rock backdrop for the mid-paddle rest. Sunny days to you all from the launch site in Peru. Rotomolded Valley Avocet in front of an old riverside factory. This paddle is particularly industrial, including barges on the river. But the river is always very wide, allowing a pleasant paddling pace, and is easily negotiated by a pddling group like the eight or so we had this particular day.
3/10/09: flooding over Water Street, i.e. the street with the factory in the background.


Kelly said...

That sounds like a fun trip! I love visiting the Starved Rock area! I don't know about sharing the river with the barges though!

coolkayaker1 said...

Yes, it's fun, Kelly. The worst part is sharing the river with the Asian jumping carp Knocked me right out of the kayak!

Anonymous said...

Cool city- I've never been to South America!



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