The Red Barn

This is the first day of the rest of your life. It is a time of passion, and a time for joy. As I settle in, weary from watching my son this weekend in a soccer tournament, I realize the meaning of life in all it's glory. The power of "doing it now, not later." This blog is about my life, but without the boring and the mundane. It is about the essence of life. I will try, as we start this journey, to get all things in perspective. Thank you for reading.

The Illinois and Michigan Canal near Morris, IL has a lovely red barn, visible from the back by paddling the canal. It represents the antiquity of life, the rich, boldness of our passions in life, and the tranquility of sitting beside ourselves, every so often, to look it all over. Study its details. Measure its meaning.

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Anonymous said...

Cool barn!


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