Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Comments: Holden Follows Up

A kind comment on my Amazon review of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard (See my prior post here.) written in the tone of Holden Caulfield.  And my reply.

Robin says: If you really want to hear about it, Holden, I've never commented on a review before, but I love yours! Gonna give a copy to my daughter because she's reading your book! Hey, did you write that on your iPad??

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That's great that your daughter is very worldly, sort of like my sister Phoebe. It sounds corny, but I write every review on my iPad using this crazy Apple keyboard. And I don't even like Apple, with all their phony advertisements about being better than every one else and all. I mean, it gets old, seeing that young guy with the moppy haircut saying awful things--just goddam awful things--about the nerdy fat guy with the glasses. I think he's supposed to be Bill Gate or something, the fat fellow that no one would ever want to have as a friend. It's sort of like old Ackley at Pencey, popping his zits and taking showers all the time, and no one was crazy about knowing him either.

But now that Bill Gates is giving away his money by the wheelbarrowful to every skinny, starving kid in the world, I don't think Apple should be making fun of him. At least not so goddam much.

I'm sure your daughter, if she's anything like my sister Phoebe, still has pies in her eyes when she thinks about life and everything, you know, still thinking there's a Santa Claus and all, even though every phony bastard down at Gimbels lets their Santa beard fall off their face and smokes Camels in front of the kids, the crazy bastards.

That's the thing about kids, they want to believe. They want to think the ducks in the pond won't freeze over in the winter, and that the carousel horse with the glass eyes might someday come alive and jump right off that goddam merry-go-round. That's the swell thing about kids. And we should kiss the bottom of their little feet and let them know it's okay to believe. Even if the rest of the world thinks they're being crazy kids running in a field of rye that way and all.

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