Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Review: Better Than Mr. Spencer's Olivetti

If you really want to hear about it, I use this all over my house and all. They are one style, look like an old IBM Selectric, but they do type well, they do not hog batteries. Not backlit or jazz like that. I like keypads simple. Stradlater had one of these at Pencey, and that's how I first heard about it.

Connects well from ipads. No tiny fold out feet in back to hold it up like a regular keyboard, so if you want to use it on a flat desk, you'll want to get a dish or plate display stand for three bucks at a hobby shop because when Ackley sits on the desk --he just loves sitting on the damned desk and all, it's really annoying as hell -- it'll slide horizontal faster than a prostitute on 42nd Street.

I plan to get one for my kid sister Phoebe, her birthday is coming up and I have to get her something and she can type now. D.B., my older brother, can get himself one. He's rich. If my folks knew how much dough D.B. has, they'd have two hemorrhages a piece.

I enjoy these bluetooth keyboards, and for under seventy smackers, to get a keyboard that works, it's a true value. Uses a few batteries, I change about once every 10 months when the spelling gets crazy. You can even stick it in a bookbag, and you won't have to murder yourself pulling it out of there. And it's light weight, so you won't break your spine and all carrying it around.

I hope this review helps you. I hate when I take the time to read something and it means nothing to me whatsoever. I'm not trying to be one of those guys you like so much you feel like calling them up or something. Those phony reviewers can go straight to hell. They really can.

Cheers from New York City. Signed, Holden.


JUD said...

OT: just read your review on the Toshiba L655-S5158 laptop. Thanks. Was tempted but... now using 5105-S501, heavy, old but love it, but dying and so out of it, have no idea and wondering if you could suggest a replacement? Thanks.

Coolkayaker1 said...

JUD: Honestly, and this is going to sound odd, perhaps, but if you're using it for writing, the Apple keyboard with Pages (9.99$ from Apple) software and iPad2 ($499 for wifi) is superb. Portable, easy to use, silent as a Gloria Swanson movie, and I love it. If you youtube search iPad Pages on youtube, some great peoepl (esp fuoena, or something like that) showing how to use it. If you need computing power (hard drive, etc.) then a slim Samsung (wish I knew which one my brother just got) is quiet and good. The key though in today's video intense environment is a good graphics card--otherwise, JUD, you'l be watching that swirling circle on youtube more than you'd like. Intel graphics not so good; NVIDIA or GeoFOrce graphics good. Now were' talking about $600+ for computer, though.

Yes, if you look at the cooling fan Frum Toshiba page, even now (most recent post is 4/8), it's very scary stuff for the fan issue. TOshiba reps on there now posting, too.

Thanks, JUD> Good luck.


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