Malcolm McLaren

Youtube comments for the man that introduced me to opera.  Malcolm Maclaren, dead at 64.  RIP my dear Malcolm. 

Somewhere... I have stowed away a 17 minute version of Malcolm's Madame Butterfly -- on vinyl. It is haunting. Great memories. Thanks, Malcolm. 4 minutes ago DJSlo They just don't make emaciated models like they used to. R.I.P. Malcolm, a true pioneer. 12 minutes ago 7271952 thanks for everything malcom 13 minutes ago amaranth7777 RIP Malcolm :( 14 minutes ago william3231954 This is still one of my favorite songs to drift away with,, the  female singer is captivating 31 minutes ago spottydog4477 In todays world of 'no risk' and pure formula safe "Idol" music..he was a true original! 33 minutes ago anthonymerrill R.I.P Malcolm! You are a great music pioneer! 47 minutes ago planetjeffy I remember exactly where I was when I first heard this song

and I am smiling.

Thanks Malcolm 48

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