Mansions In My Mind

Want to fantasize with me for a moment this winter? Being raised in New England, I am particularly partial to the many mansions that are along the northeast coast. Driving on Route 1 from Boston through Maine, these mansions are places of history and are rare beauties. Although I do believe it was filmed at Long Island, Something's Gotta Give,  a 2003 American romantic comedy film starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, featured a mansion that is classic New England style with a delightful and sunny New England kitchen. Certainly, these are not the typical small Cape Cod homes; they are homes of majesty, once owned by corporate monopolists from the golden era.

I found a website with dream homes along the New Hampshire coast. This would be the ideal setting if one were to hit the lottery and have no regard for money. Looking at these homes brings a sense of grandeur and grace and peace and history. Enjoy.

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