The Great Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier in Summer

When my wife was watching Guiliana and Bill, whose reality TV show is cotton candy for couch-stretching winter Saturdays, I saw Guliana freak out on the Chicago ferris wheel. Apparently, she has a fear of heights. Well, the ride around is only 7 minutes, but "G", as they call her now, was scared stiff at the top. Perhaps she does better on the red carpet as anchor of the Golden Globes than she does in ferris wheels. Me, I'll take a ferris wheel ride any day. This photo is from my trip to the Windy City with family in 2008.


Wildhair said...

I have to admit that being stuck at the top of a ferris wheel with someone who finds amusement rocking the car has left me slightly scarred. However, it won't keep me from going for a ride.

Coolkayaker1 said...

Yep, I hear you, Wild.


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