Kindle for PC Update

After using Kindle for PC for over a month, I have to ask: does everyone have this on their computers now, and if not, why not? It's dynamite! Free software download from, customized "library" with all your titles in color, easy reading with adjustable font sizes and screen widths, turn pages with only scroll wheel on mouse, and all first chapters of every single book on Kindle store (now over 360k books) for free! Even if you never intend to buy and read a book on your netbook, laptop or PC, why not read the first chapter for free to see if you even like the book before buying at the store. It even keeps track of where I left off in any book across all my computers!

I have had the three devices for reading: the Kindle v 1.0, the iPod Touch, and the netbook pc. The netbook stands head and shoulders above the other methods for reading (in color, backlit, large screenb, etc.). With the extended battery life of current netbooks at 8+ hours per charge, I can read all day on one charge. Really neat. Better than a "real" book, to me. Your preference may vary.

This is a giant step forward for Amazon. Barnes and Noble coming out with similar software for their website, too. e-reading is the future, and Kindle for PC is a winner.

Here, I'll make it easy for ya:

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