You Need a 25' PC Cable

I bought a 25 foot PC cable with integrated audio jacks (headphone out to audio in) on for $13. (As an aside, they have great 6' long HDMI cables on Amazon for under 9.99 with free shipping and no sales tax) Even the sound is out of the TV or stereo--big, bold room-filling sound. I do not touch the netbook pc or the TV--I navigate the entire shebang with my wireless keyboard and mouse. Luckily, much of the internet is mouseable now, so very little typing involved. The picture quality is much better than I thought on my 1080p TV. Grainy, sure to a small extent, but better than I imagined. The bright and large image makes up for some pixelation. I'm running Windows 7 on my netbook; when I tried this on Vista it seemed not to work. On Win7 it works without me making any adjustments to the operating software; just plug and play.

I watched an hour of hilarious youtube with Cathy before we for our spring break trip with kids. Scoured the 'net together, in stereo.

Youtube has so much precious content--not just world's best motorcycle crashes--college lectures, interviews with famous people, political speeches, movies, TV shows; now that I can see it on the big screen, do I really need TV? I watch no TV weekly anyhow unless I am gazing over Cathy's shoulder; I never watch TV on purpose. But I would watch selected content on youtube. Last night I watched every recent interview with author Toni Morrison (her latest novel A Mercy is in the on-deck circle for my Kindle PC reading).

I most get a kick out of stretching back on my couch and reading novels on Kindle for PC on the big TV screen, using wireless mouse only to navigate pages. The letters are three inches big! I feel like the ultimate couch potato.

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