An Evening With Ace Frehley

Well, not live yet, but hope to see him live shortly. Tonight, I managed evening shopping at Lowes for items I needed around the house, dropped my son at the movies with about 6 of his pals (he watched Paranormal Activity and said it's excellent--scary fun). My wife went to dinner with her sister Shelia and Shelia's kids for b-day celebration. I got home, put on my jammies, loaded Ace Frehley into my iPod dock (kicks butt compared to the new Kiss LP), plopped some steel cut oatmeal in the crock pot for tomorrow morning when everyone gets up, now settling in for computer face time. I'm writing a short story for a contest, reading McCarthy and Thrasher. It crossed my mind that my friend EC from Texas likely knows Andy Timmons, from Fort Worth. I still love rock N roll; Andy Timmons playing 20 feet in front of me last night, an incredible thing.

Addendum: Ace in Urbana, Il live Nov 9! New tour dates, small clubs. Yessss! His new CD, Anomaly, is really a wonderful piece of classic guitar work. His best in 20 years.


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