Save Me

A priest, a hippie and the world's smartest man were on a single engine airplane when the pilot dies mid-flight. They grab for parachutes, but there are only two!

Hippie: "Whoa, dude, this is outta this world. I want to live, but live and let live, you know...I don't know what to do, man."

Priest: "God has good things for me in the afterlife. I'll go down with the plane--you both take the parachutes."

Smartest Man: "Listen, I'd love to save you both, but I'm working on some really important projects that you'd never understand. Just take my word for it that they're super vital and I have to live, so you both can fight for the last 'chute, but I'm going." With that, he grabs a 'chute, throws on the shoulder straps and jumps out of the plane.

There's a brief pause on the plane before the hippie speaks.

Hippie: "Well, Father, I guess you and I are both saved."

Priest: "Really? How's that, my son?"

Hippie: "The world's smartest man just grabbed my knapsack."

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