Friday: Naperville, then evening with friends

A beautiful Saturday with 75F weather, all sun, and spent time in lovely Naperville, IL with Cathy. Plenty to see and do in this town that is alwasy ranked amongst the "Best Places to Live" in the USA--and I can see why; it's built up in the Route 59 shopping corridor, and that's where we spent our time. After I let Olive Garden give me a spaghetti lunch (semi-healthy?), Cathy headed over to The Archivers store for her scrapbooking needs while I checked out a huge used CD/DVD store (listening to a few "recycled" discs now) and a Bikes Etc. and Performance Cycle bike shop. Got a few tiny things, like lights, for our Geneva bicycles. Great day.

Came home to the outstanding friendship of hosts David and Alexia, spent a fun evening with Jonathan, Robert, Jay for drinks, great food that Alexia and Dave got from the Green Market every Thursday right outside our door here in downtown Geneva--fresh bread from the German bakery on Third Street, French cheese, and veggies so fresh they snap--and then drinks and card game. Warm, summer fun. Excellent food and drinks. Many, many thanks to our lovely friends.

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