Duran Duran

Incredible. I got their iconic cassette, Rio,in high school and played it until it wore out. Well, I got their Greatest Hits yesterday in Naperville at Replay CDs, and appreciate Duran Duran's ethereal, dancing pop beats. They will never be thought of in the class of bands that add in more electric guitar, as electric guitar gives a sense of authenticity to music...the synthesizer simply doesn't cast the same "you-belong-in-the-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame" spell. But Duran Duran, and their dozen or so bona fide hits, belong there. From the watery dream of Come Undone to the sunny fun of spying on Rio, Duran Duran rocks and rolls.

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White Ford Falcon said...

Jackie and I caught Simon and the boys down at the Electric Factory in Philly a few years back. What a great concert... though it was hard not to think how the mighty had fallen. The once packed huge arenas were replaced with a tiny venue of about 300... the screaming young groupies of the 80s exchanged for an older, barely dancing, mostly corporate crowd. Love the music though... always brings a smile to my face.


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