Stephen King's Sarasota, Florida House

If Stephen wants to buy any more mansions, he's going to have to write a lot better than his latest dud, Duma Key.

"While the island you see in the distance is the north end of Casey Key where Stephen King owns the north end and has his "compound". This Picture is on the Stephen King compound/estate whatever. It was taken standing on the opposite shoreline."--prose and photo by Mike Hendricks


Anonymous said...

you are a dick

Coolkayaker1 said...

Stephen: don't get testy with me just because your writing sucks, pal.

Leon Bowman said...

Lovin the come back on 'Anonymous said.....' Stephen!! Way to go man!! Your friend, your fan w/ family & friends about Moodys' Diner....leon
[aka Miles Walker.ha ha]
brunswick Ga (nowadaze)


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