2004 Chevrolet Express Van = Love

I can honestly say, this Chevy Van is the best all around vehicle I have ever owned. I use it daily. It carries 2-6 passengers with absolute ease. I took out the back couch, and it carries my sectional kayaks (6 sections!), multiple bicycles, groceries, the works. I have found no other vehicle as versatile, and no other vehicle as comfortable for passengers. I have transported Mike and Vic's Ikea furniture, my bike built for two, luggage, giant framed wall hangings. I have slept in back at the airport with the window shades down, and I have enjoyed eating many a fast-food meal by lounging in the back seats. I sincerely hope that full size, custom conversion vans do not go the way of the dinosaur with new m.p.g limits, and Government Motors soon to lose all quality control. If I hit the lottery, I'm not buying a Mercedes retractable hard top convertible or a Ferrari, I'm buying a fully tricked out conversion van.

I adore my "go to" vehicle.

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