The Haunted House on Rising Road

No idea why this house is abandoned but still standing, but on Rising Road (even the road sounds spooky), this green and white trimmed house with no windows or doors stands ready to scare anyone passing by. You can see right through it to the field in the back. And sure enough, someone hung a noose from a tree out front. My whole family loves driving by this house, wondering about its story. Creepy!


Anonymous said...

This whole estate was attractive a few years ago but now house has been vandalized front door stolen and interior apperantly being beat up. It is likely one of the oldest places around from the architesture. Barn and silos still stand and old trees are attractive. House is beyond saving at this point. I will stop some time soon to look more closely and inside.

coolkayaker1 said...

Okay, anonymous. You do that.


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