White Ford Falcon said...

Part of me still thinks that this whole lunar landing thing could be a hoax. Think of all the pressure to beat the russians to the moon.

I know, I know... Uncle Cronkite wouldn't knowingly lie to us, right? But there are lots of questions about the video footage that is difficult to explain.

Why can't we simply point the expensive Hubble scope at the moon and get a picture of the rover... hmmmm.... why not? You're telling me that we can see to the edge of the universe, but can't see the rover... I don't think so.

C'mon NASA, prove it to us once and for all! (Not that I'd believe the Hubble shots either)

coolkayaker1 said...

Dear NASA,

Sounds like WhiteFordFalcon is volunteering to be shot into orbit to see if the moon really is made of cheese.

Sincerely, Buzz Lightyear.


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