I read an article in WSJ that people like Bing, even better than Google on average, but are not often switching altogether because Google is "good enough". Building a better mousetrap does not always get more mice. That said, in one month, from Microsoft has increased their search share from single digits to over 20%. I like bing; alternative refinements to search in left hand column automatically, and mouse over any video or image (in video and image searches) and it previews what else is on that webpage without having to click it/go to it. Sweet.

Have you binged today?


Atholspud said...

Been trying out Bing sisce you mentioned it. I hacn't seen much advantage yet but I'll continue to get better aquainted with it.

White Ford Falcon said...

This is precisely why I cannot believe that Google stock has soared like it has... by definition, the internet is a flavor-of-the-month environment.

Anyone remember searching with Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, DogPile, or WebCrawler? I used these dinosaurs in the past and I can tell you that they worked pretty well too... before Google came along. Sure Google was better, faster and more wide ranging... that's a given for any new search engine -- they are all fast now.

As WSJ stated, Google is good enough, so it may hang in there for a long while. However, it all starts with a little flinch in the collective tastes of the internet public and next thing you know, they'll be relegated to the web browser scrap heap... could all happen inside of two years.

What's your GOOG stock worth now? Nada, zip, zilch, niente!

For all we know, the next improvement to BING is called POOP and we'll all be POOPing in 2011...


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