B and H Camera, NYC

Requires hand-to-hand delivery of package, not just my signature (which exonerates them from all liability in leaving the package at my doorstep). Had I known this when I ordered, I would not have ordered from them. I am a working member of the socialist Obamanation, and I cannot be present to get a package from UPS, nor can I drive 20 miles round trip and catch them during the 4.5 hours daily that UPS has window hours. I let B and H Camera know that this is my last order with them forever.


Atholspud said...

Another example like Congress of iplementing some rule with unintended consequences and/or understanding enough of how things work..

White Ford Falcon said...

This is too bad - sorry I didn't think of this before. I didn't experience this as I normally have delivery at my work location where this is never an issue.

What a pain in the butt this is... as you said, if they have the signature on the back of the UPS slip, that ought to be plenty to deliver the goods and relieve them (and UPS) of any culpability. A shame!

coolkayaker1 said...

Thanks for comments. Amybe someone will Google B and H Photo and get my posting here and they'll know. I did drive 20 miles round trip, after about 4 phone calls to get the thing off the truck, and worked it around Mark's soccer practice and I got the package. I also tried to call B and H by phone, horrendous telephone hours. Essentially, unusable. They were even during their very limited open hours when I called, and I get a recording telling me they are not taking orders now since they're in a staff meeting. IMagine! Their store hours are abysmal, too, not just Saturdays closed, but really very limited altogether. Oh, well, I got my package finally, and must say, all is packed well. I got Gift Cards, which come as part of the order (i.e. rather than reducing the price on some things, they give a gift card), so I have to use those. I tried to use them online at B and H and every time I went to use Paypal to pay, there was no longer a webpage on the checkout to use the Gift Cards. So, I entered my credit card and voila, THEN the gift card box comes up a glitch on theri webpage--can you envision a huge online retailer not knowing about this glitch already?) I must have tried it ten different ways before I could get the Gift Card section to come up, and never could use Paypal (which they invite me to use). In our 24/7 society, gotta be open and ready to do business to serve this hombre, B and H Photo is not. I think I'll write a review of the items I bought on B and H and essentially rail against the store. Ha ha

The Nikon Prostaff 60x spotting scope on the BM Gun Pistol head and tripod is, in a word, the most amazing thing I have seen in years. Used it last night to look at my neighbor's home--not the next door neighbor, but the one three houses (100yards) from me--and could not only see the backlighted window that I couldn't even make out as a window with my naked eye, but also could see the items on the desk inside that window! Note to neighbor: man, clean up your desk.


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