Chicago River Wandell's Tour 2008

I loved it! Plan to return into the city this summer with my portable folding bicycle--bring on Metra and bike the waterways just as I did when I lived on East Pearson Street for several years when I was young. Get a brew from the tap at John Barleycorn's while listening to Brown Eyed Girl from Van Morrison, and get back on bike, ride home to Metra and sleep it off until Geneva. All on a sunny 70F day. That is my idea. It is so vivid that I almost need not do it. Feels like it's done.

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Anonymous said...

Used to live up the street (first up Orchard, then down Belden) from JB. That was the old days, when it was still dark and smaller, played classical music and flashed artwork on the screen on the wall. Last time I was there was now more than ten years ago, and it was enlarged...so sad. Miss eating chili at the bar on weekends there with the regular crowd.

Kelly (in Lithuania)


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