Geneva History Center Pub Crawl

This lovely image of State Street in Geneva, IL by Mr. Larson shows the backdrop for the Saturday night pub crawl, a benefit for the Geneva History Center. Cathy and I appreciate the tickets from Mike and Victoria. Eating meatballs and shrimp at Chris Cellini's Old Town Pub while listening to children' writer Donna Latham tell us about the giant martini glass, listening to jazz upstairs at Villa Verone and drinking Dumaine Dupage beer were all highlights. But the granddaddy highlight was meeting Kelly from http://www.genevadailyphoto.blogspot.com at Citizen Kane. A superb photographer, Kelly is fun and kind; it was thrilling to meet you! We'll definitely have to meet for tea sometime soon. Fun!

Hey, Mike and Vic. You are special. You know what I mean. We're like this. Say no more.

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Kelly said...

You are really too kind! It was a pleasure to meet you!


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