The Shack


Okay, I am kindling The Shack, and so far (about 125 pages in), it's pretty fair. Written at about a fifth grade reading level, we're not talking William Faulkner here, but at least it keeps the story moving. Not a ton of dead time, and now our protagonist Mack is heading back to "the shack". I have not seen any dieties arising from the shadows or any preachy stuff yet, but I'm holding my breathe that those never come up in this Christian-themed book. I am going to hit it again now, and see where it goes. Much better than the first 125 pages of Stephen King's Duma Key, which found central character Eddie Freemantle so damned uninviting that I simply decided not to finish the book. I'm like that. Some will slog through a book or movie when they find it unengaging. I, conversely, have no shame in simply turning it off or shutting the book.

The Shack, for now, is still open.

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