The Shack II

I was wrong about The Shack. (spoiler alert) Not more than 15 pages beyond where I was when I wrote the last comments, the protagonist Mack met God--an obese African-American woman-- and Jesus--a Middle Eastern dude--and they are making eggs in the Shack. I think the book has turned sour. The book has gone from action, to being preachy, and has been now for about 25 pages. I may put it down for good. I am, on a better note, going to see Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler tonight with some friends at the AMC Cantina in Warrenville, IL. I have high hopes as Mickey is supposed to be outstanding (Best Actor nominee), as is Marisa Tomei, who I went to college with, as his girlfiend (Best Supporting Actress nominee for The Westler, plus already won an Academy Award for Supporting Actress for My Cousin Vinny). I'll clue you in. See you.

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