Youtube Advice Re: Woodsy Constitutional


White Ford Falcon said...

Very educational... However, this all assumes a more solid discharge. After I chug down a full pot if coffee in the morning, there is little worry of anyone stepping in anything.

The method that was explained to me by a military friend is to take your belt off, wrap it around a small, but sturdy tree to extend your arms. Facing the tree, drop trou with one hand and then take the belt ends in both hands. Now lean back supporting yourself with your arms/belt... comfortable, like a biker cruising down the interstate. And let out the primal scream.

He never mentioned anything about covering up your remains... he must be a coffee drinker too!

Coolkayaker1 said...

Your military friend's advice gives "ape hangers" a whole new twist.

As a non-coffee drinking, cheese hound, I hope there is a follow-up video on covering up the hot load.

Until then, I'll stick to smearing it around in the leaves with my heel.


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