Dexter and Noodles

This is the absolute, very first song that my son and I learned on guitar.  We adore The Offspring (still do), and this song is so lyrical, haunting and we watched the DVD a gazillion times to see the fingering.  We had two guitars and each played a part.  We did it pretty damn well, to be frank, and I wish I video taped it.  We got into it so much, we went to Lowe's and bought a chain and a small lock to make a necklace like Dexter in the video.

That was, maybe, seven years ago.  My son is overwhelmingly versed at guitar now.  And I sit here, old and feeling drawn, like Barney Rubble, strumming chords on my ukulele.  "Pull the shades, razor blades, it's so tragic...dirty magic", indeed.

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