St. Charles Illinois Writers Group

Wonderful weekend in Geneva, with the Swedish Days.  Saw bands outdoors on Friday night, ate at some cool restaurants, all with our lovely and fun 21 year old niece, Sydney.  Today it's bicycling to the windmill and lunch at a local deli on Third Street.

With my wife and Sydney eating at a bookstore cafe and taking a cardmaking class yesterday morning, I had an open schedule to write, and looked at the St Charles, Illinois library hours and what did I see?  The St Charles Illinois Writers Group, which meets for two-and-a-half hours every other Saturday, and have done so since 1996!  Expecting a handful of people, the group had 26 writers yesterday, some of which were published authors.  One submits a work (under 3000 words) on paper and in two weeks, everyone is to have read it, marked it up, and given it insightful comments and ideas.  The group leader, Rick Hollinger, has a doctorate in creative writing and is a writing professor. The youngest in the group appeared to be 22, the oldest about 80.

It's fun and enjoyable to hang out with others who share my muse.  For anyone interested, the St Charles Illinois public library website has more information.

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