The Cars Lead Singer Ben Orr

The Cars lead co-lead singer, Benjamin Orr, along with fellow singer, Rick Ocasek, brought Boston's favorite band (okay, maybe next to Aerosmith) to national attention.  Ben Orr was the "sexy one".  Good looks, British mop-top 'do, and a velvet voice brought the ladies out to The Cars tours.

The ravages of pancreatic cancer--the most virulent of cancers--robbed The Cars and their fans of Ben in year 2000.  He was only 53.  Below is a video of the band only months before Ben's passing.  Ben insisted, despite his terminal condition, to sit in with his bandmates for what would be the final interview of the original The Cars band.  The video is hard to watch--Ben's robust good looks and athletic build has been stolen by the cancer. Eliot (guitar) speaks first, then Greg (keyboards), and Rick (lead), and then...Ben (at 1:58).  +While my guitar gently weeps+

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